I was NOT the guy behind that regrettable banner

If you google my name and my employer (also my undergrad alma mater), you’ll see something like this:


Those first two links are about me. The last two are NOT.

The news articles tell the story of an undergraduate student attending Oklahoma State University (OSU) who created a banner with the insensitive hashtag #Trail_of_Tears. “Trail of Tears” refers to the forced relocations of various Native American nations in which thousands died. This student brought his regrettable banner to ESPN’s College GameDay Show for the Aug 30, 2014 football game against Florida State University (FSU). FSU’s athletic teams are known as the Florida State Seminoles, and the Seminole Tribe was one of tribes that was forcibly relocated. (Surprisingly, the Seminole Tribe has actually endorsed this nickname.)

Since OSU is my undergraduate alma mater, this has led several people to mistake this other Austin Buchanan as me (and even confront me about it!). I attended OSU from 2007 to 2011 and this incident occurred in 2014, so it should be clear that the guy behind the banner is not me. But not everyone reads the new stories in detail or knows when I attended OSU. Hence, the motivation for this post.

**Update** I wasn’t behind this one either 😀

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