John von Neumann’s dog

From page 311 of Norman Macrae‘s biography of John Von Neumann:

Johnny then appointed Julian Bigelow as chief engineer after an interview that caught some of the mood of the project. It is recounted in Ed Regis’s book, and Bigelow confirmed it to me. Bigelow came down from Massachusetts in an ancient jalopy that arrived at 26 Westcott Road two hours late. There was a Great Dane dog prancing on the lawn, and it squeezed in past Johnny and Bigelow when Johnny opened the door. During the forty-minute interview the dog licked both men and wandered all over the house. Bigelow thought that Johnny should restrain his dog better but did not like to say this. When Johnny eventually saw his visitor to the door, he inquired politely whether Bigelow always traveled with the dog. “But it wasn’t my dog,” said Bigelow later, “and it now turned out it wasn’t his either.” Johnny, being a diplomatic type, refrained from making any remarks about this odd interviewee’s behavior until the end.

The whole thing reminds me of the folkloric pinched cookies story.

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