Manfred Padberg on expensive love and free computing

From Manfred Padberg‘s personal reflections recounted in Mixed-integer programming—1968 and thereafter:

As one of my colleagues, Jim Savage, once said: The 1960/1970’s were the times of “free love” and “expensive computing”; the 1980/1990’s were the times of “expensive love” and “free computing”.

He goes on to describe his desire to perform computational experiments for TSP, so as to “test the theory that we had developed,” but he lacked adequate resources.

But during a year at the IBM Research Center in Yorktown Heights (1976–1977) I had the best of computing power of the time at my disposal and I finished the project in July 1977.

However, the resulting paper did not appear until 1980.

The delay was simply due to the fact that my personal life was in turmoil—divorce, etc—and Jim Savage was proven right.


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