Scott Aaronson and “Quantum Computing since Democritus”

I’ve been coming across a lot of Scott Aaronson‘s writing lately, namely:

I enjoyed what I read, so I picked up his book from earlier this year entitled Quantum Computing since Democritus. I’ve only read the preface so far, and a few things that he said stuck out.

He remarks that when he was preparing lectures (that eventually became the book), that to him “it was self-evident that the human brain is nothing other than a ‘hot, wet Turing machine.'” He tries to make other connections between computational complexity theory and “the big questions”:

…computational complexity lets us systematically take ‘deep philosophical mysteries’ about the limits of knowledge, and convert them into ‘merely’ insanely difficult unsolved mathematical problems…[such as the P versus NP problem]

Here’s a presentation that he gave for TEDxCaltech on computational complexity with a Richard Feynman theme.

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