One great paper a week

I’ve decided to read one paper a week from this Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization Paper List.

Certainly this exposure should be useful for a second-year PhD student like myself, but I’d also like to use it as an opportunity to work on my writing. So each week for the next 53 weeks, I’ll post a summary of one of these papers.

First up: G. Nemhauser and L. Trotter, Properties of Vertex Packing and Independence System Polyhedra, Mathematical Programming 6 (1974), 48.


HT to Siqian Shen for the link to the paper list.

One thought on “One great paper a week

  1. azira

    your blog is so good. me currently doing some research about nonsmooth optimization, and that’s how i found your blog, keep it up . i love reading your blog. please consider paper about bundle method too. tq 🙂


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