Welcome to Farkas’ Dilemma

Hello, I’m a PhD student in Industrial and Systems Engineering, focusing on combinatorial optimization.

About the name…

Anyone who has studied Linear Programming (LP) has probably encountered Farkas’ lemma, which states that exactly one of a particular pair of linear systems has a solution. After I made a mix CD (who does that anymore?) for a fellow PhD student, I thought I’d give the CD name, and after a little thought Farkas’ Dilemma was the choice.

This sort of kidding around has been consistent through my academic career–in undergrad my friends and I made Pokemon-like cards of our professors. Despite entering grad school, I maintain the silliness. “Extreme ray” in LP led to drawings of a motorcycle flying through a ring of fire, with Zach Galifianakis’ character Ray from Bored to Death as pilot. Later, there was the drawing depicting the gruesome ‘decomposition’ of Dantzig and Wolfe.

In short, don’t take this blog too seriously.

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